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Chyron adds stereo 3-D support to graphics system

Chyron announced that LEX3.1, the company's on-air graphics system, has been refined to provide free support for stereoscopic 3-D.

The LEX3.1 system boasts a seamless workflow from graphic creation to playout; real-time 2D/3D animation; and a host of hardware and software features including 2D and 3D object import, advanced text and image effects, clip playout, and Chyron's Intelligent Interface and DB Link update. In fast-paced live coverage, the LEX3.1 system's template-based text and graphics enable instant updates from data feeds and databases.

The LEX3.1 offers broadcasters and other media companies a future-proof system that will equip them to meet demand for 3-D content. Chyron's LEX3.1 Double Advantage software bundle contains stereoscopic 3-D capabilities in addition to Chyron's advanced Lyric PRO graphics creation, and is available on all two-channel LEX3.1 systems — allowing broadcasters to enhance their on-air presence. Through Lyric PRO, LEX3.1 users gain access to the basic toolsets required to position stereoscopic 3-D graphics optimally for left- and right-eye viewing.