ChryonHego Launches Camio Universe

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego has announced it is launching a software-based newsroom production ecosystem, the Camio Universe. At the heart of this new system is the newly released Camio 4.3 graphic management server.

Camio 4.3 is able to control the Lyric graphics creation environment as well as provide template-based tools, including ChyronHego’s Hybrid virtual graphics system, Metacast weather graphics system, PowerClips multiformat production clip server, GS2 Multi-Touch touchscreen-generation platform and VidiGo Live Compositor video switching unit. Access to these tools is provided by Camio’s Luci user interface. The ecosystem is automated by the VidiGo automation and multicamera TV production system.

The Camio 4.3 manages and distributes all content, assets and interfaces with MOS-compliant newsroom computer systems. Users of the Camio universe are able to share both ground and cloud-based content via the Luci workflow.

The Camio Universe also offers an order management component, allowing users to request content without leaving their production environment.

ChyronHego is a broadcast graphics, playout and real-time data visualization technology provider.