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Cel-Soft unveils Cel-Scope3D 1.4

Cel-Soft has introduced version 1.4 of the Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic signal analyzer. Designed for use in 3-D grading, quality-control, post-production and for 3-D camera set-up, Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic signal analyzers provide operators with a wide choice of display configurations.

Version 1.4 incorporates a novel depth spectrogram, which plots all depth activity and excursions against time. Cel-Scope3D 1.4 also features an enhanced logging option, which provides a complete reporting function summarizing a production or clip's ability to meet broadcast standards or suitability for public performance.

A highly cost-effective solution to the task of 3-D signal monitoring, Cel-Scope3D 1.4 can analyze file-based content as well as live or recorded signals in dual-stream or multiplexed formats. It allows stereoscopic camera alignment to be performed quickly and confidently, ensuring 3-D is accurate from the moment of capture. Footage and edits in a wide range of file formats can be viewed and assessed in real time. Disparities are analyzed and displayed as clear and intelligible graphics on 2D or 3-D monitors. Anaglyph display, touch-screen control and on-screen-alarms are all provided.

Cel-Scope3D generates live displays, which can be scaled and arranged as six or eight windows on one or two PC monitors. Left and right channels can be viewed simultaneously together with actual depth dynamics. Each graphic window can be set to show waveform, vectorscope and histogram graphics, as well as differences in video parameters between each channel. Geometry issues can be identified easily using built-in real-time image manipulation. Quality-control tests can be performed on live stereoscopic video sources in any 720p, 1080 or 2K formats from industry-standard capture cards and input devices or from file playback.

Cel-Soft’s products can be supplied as ready-to-load software-only or as complete turnkey systems running on workstation-class PCs or laptops for field use.