Capitol Studios takes delivery of Royer tube ribbon mics

Capitol Studios, housed at the iconic Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, has added four new Royer R-122V vacuum-tube ribbon microphones to its extensive mic locker.

Capitol Recording is home to contemporary artists including Diana Krall and Green Day, is the scoring facility for TV shows such as "Lost" and “American Idol” and hosts the prerecords for the annual Academy Awards ceremonies.

Staff engineer Steve Genewick, who frequently assists multiple Grammy-winning recording engineer/producer Al Schmitt, discussed the benefits of Royer mics. “Being ribbon microphones, the Royers tend to add warmth to digital recordings, so they compliment the recording process very nicely,” he said. “We make every attempt to get the best sound possible on input, and the Royers are a big part of that process. The new R-122Vs will be accessible to all our clients in all rooms. We use these mics for a wide range of applications, including miking electric, jazz and acoustic guitars, as room mics for strings, as spot mics for woodwinds, on brass sections in big band sessions and countless additional applications.”

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