Canal Overseas uses Wohler closed-caption encoder/decoder

PANORAMAdtv, the video products division of Wohler Technologies, has announced that Canal Overseas, a division of French broadcast group Canal+, is using its HDCC-200A HD/SD-SDI closed-captioning bridge to efficiently handle and store World System Teletext (WST) subtitle data within an HD/SD playout infrastructure.

By encoding subtitles within an HD ingest workflow and subsequently decoding those subtitles back at the time of playout, this new card supports a single cost-effective video ingest and playout workflow regardless of the availability of subtitles. It also adds to the bottom line by eliminating the need for duplication of SD and HD video storage.

Canal Overseas uses 11 HDCC-200A units to embed WST data in the HD-SDI signal (VANC) during ingest. Six programs are simultaneously recorded from external HD feeds with SD and the VBI-related signal, from external SD feeds upconverted during the ingest process, or from HD tape programs with EBU subtitle files and subsequently stored on an HD broadcast server.

On playout, Canal Overseas uses 16 HDCC-200A bridges to extract the HD-VANC data and re-encode it as conventional VBI teletext subtitling into a parallel SD-SDI signal downconverted from HD. The SD-VBI subtitles are then either displayed for local monitoring (preview channels), converted into DVB teletext subtitles on the downconverted SD transmitted channels, or converted into DVB subtitling on HD-transmitted channels.

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