BTi Offers Chyron DynaCrawl Enhancement

Business Technology Inc. has released its DataBridge managed data service product for use with the Chyron DynaCrawl broadcast graphics system.

The product provides broadcasters with access to top data providers in the areas of weather, sports, as well as local, national, international and entertainment news. The DataBridge is monitored by BTi to ensure continuity of operations and uninterrupted data flow.

"DataBridge for DynaCrawl, from BTi, is an ideal complement to the DynaCrawl toolkit, providing broadcasters with a streamlined solution for adding news and information crawls to their channels," said Kevin Prince, chief operating officer at Chyron. "Its seamless interface between the content and the graphic makes Chyron DynaCrawl--already the fastest way to create data displays for broadcast--even easier."

The addition of DataBrige allows users to transmit a steady and reliable real-time stream of news and information specifically formatted for standard- and high-definition or switchable SD/HD DynaCrawl configurations. After broadcasters select informational feeds, the DataBridge utility automatically creates capture files for the Chyron product. Users only have to drag-and-drop selected files into the DynaCrawl interface in order to design crawls and tickers desired.