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Bridge Technologies unveils VB262 monitoring card

Bridge Technologies introduced the VB262 monitoring card for VideoBRIDGE monitoring probes at the 2010 NAB Show.

Providing a real-time QAM/8-VSB monitoring and alarm solution that is well-suited for RF, cable, terrestrial and PBS operators in the United States, the VB262, in combination with the VB220 or VB120 controllers, offers solutions for hybrid networks where IP is used as a carrier from head-end to the regional edge-multiplexer/modulator/transmitter.

Built-in round-robin functionality allows sequential analysis of multiple QAM or 8-VSB multiplexes, making it possible to monitor the total broadcast contents of a cable transmission system using a single VB262. One or two VB262 modules can be specified in a single probe, allowing high-density monitoring of up to 180 MPTS/SPTS multicasts in addition to the RF inputs.