Bridge Technologies, Appear TV Collab on IP Production, Distribution

(Image credit: Bridge Technologies)

OSLO, Norway—A partnership between Bridge Technologies and Appear TV has resulted the Integrated Services Monitoring model being used to facilitate end-to-end delivery and monitoring of both compressed and uncompressed data from production to end user, the companies say.

ISM is an IP-based production and distribution setup, using the SDI, SPTS, MPTS and OTT standards. Bridge Technologies has tested the ISM with four cameras with SDI outputs feeding an IP network processor to seamlessly bridge SDI and IP networks. 

That encapsulated SDI-IP signal is then forwarded to the Appear X10 that encodes SDI into SPTS multicast and to the Appear ABR transcoder for conversion to HLS OTT and distribution. Also part of the setup is the Appear XC5000 carrier grade platform with built-in automatic routing of signals, which provides IP in/out distribution and RF transport.

The multicast service can then be monitored by Bridge’s IP Probes, which include VB330, VB220, RDW, Nomad, VB120 and RF modules.

The architecture for the ISM collaboration allows for full motion, color-accurate, ultra-low-latency video to be made available from any source to any application or user, said Bridge Technologies.

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