Blackmagic Design's DeckLink HD Studio Now Shipping

At Mac World 2007 this week, Blackmagic Design announced that it is now shipping its DeckLink HD Studio, a new post-productiongrade card designed for HDMI and analog component signals, the world's first capture and playback card to support both signal types, according to the Aussie company.

The card can capture video from HDMI decks or cameras, as well as that from analog decks and other sources. The dual HDMI and analog playback feature allows use of a wide range of video monitors, including big screen displays and video projectors.

"We are very excited to make available DeckLink HD Studio to post-production editors who want to take high quality, uncompressed video out of low-cost HDMI cameras," said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design Inc. CEO. "As the first video capture card to capture uncompressed high-definition video from the HDMI output of cameras, as well as analog component, DeckLink HD Studio creates new, low-cost opportunities for editors using Macs and PCs for post production."

The Decklink HD Studio product has 10-bit capture and playback and 14-bit digital to analog conversion for high quality video output. It works with 1080i and 720p high-definition signals, as well as with standard definition NTSC and PAL video. It also features true 64-bit addressing that eliminates system memory limit difficulties, allowing users to install as much memory as they like.