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Blackmagic Design updates Videohub software with a new interface, SDK

Blackmagic Design has released a new update for all of its Videohub SDI routers. This new Videohub 4.2 software update features a new design, multipage view, more equipment icons and a software development kit to enable any developer write custom software for Videohub routers.

The new software update introduces a new multipage view where users can swap whole pages of buttons for 550 sources and 110 destinations. The new multipage feature makes it even easier to have many more buttons for sources and destinations.

The new buttons view now has more icon types to represent common post-production equipment. Another common request from developers, system integrators and broadcasters has been to allow custom programming for all Videohub routers. This new software update introduces an easy-to-use software developer kit (SDK), so custom programming for all Blackmagic Videohub routers is now easier. This new SDK is free and includes full documentation.

By using the new SDK, any developer can now add extra protocol support for integration into other large routing infrastructures. In addition, it’s now possible to design custom interfaces, Web interfaces or interfaces to custom hardware with all Videohub routers. The SDK supports industry-standard C++ and includes all libraries and software sample code. Creative and engineering customers can now have the freedom to use the Videohub software, or write their own customized control software to suit their workflows.

This new Videohub software update and SDK are available now for download from the Blackmagic Design Web site.