Bexel Rolls Out New Fiber Mini Booth Kits

BURBANK, CALIF.—Designed to be smaller and more lightweight, Bexel has launched a new Fiber Mini Booth Kit as part of its fiber optic technologies. The kit can interface the announce booth with audio, video, intercom and IFB equipment and making connections to the mobile unit.

The Mini Booth Kit measures 15x25x20-inches, is packaged in a custom lightweight rack with suitcase style handles and wheels, and includes 12 bi-directional video paths, 16 audio, four IFB channels, intercom, and an option for robotic camera support over six strands of single-mode “tactical” fiber-optic cabling and the ability to send it more than 3,000 feet without signal degradation. The robotic interface also allows for control of a camera mounted in an announce booth from a production truck.

The Fiber Mini Booth Kit was designed for use for regional sports broadcasts, events and concerts.