Belgacom to use Alcatel-Lucent Digital Media Store

Belgacom, Belgium’s leading telecom operator, has chosen the Alcatel-Lucent Digital Media Store to give its customers interactive digital entertainment services. It will help Alcatel-Lucent integrate broadcast and online multimedia content, while allowing its customers to access the service from of “smart” connected devices around the home. It will also allow creation of an online content store for delivering multimedia services including music and e-books as well as novel apps for video.

Alcatel-Lucent describes its Digital Media Store (DMS) as a “one-stop-shop” content store that helps service providers become full-blown digital entertainment providers and exploit the new revenue opportunities this provides. It helps service providers with their merchandizing and marketing, supporting cross-media recommendations, bundled promotions, market segmentation and varied pricing modules. The content can be tuned to the differing requirements of consumers’ devices and be targeted to their profiles, location and preferences.