Belden launches Brilliance AES/EBU digital audio cables

At the recent AES Convention, Belden launched its Brilliance AES/EBU digital audio cable, a new single-pair cable that combines ruggedness, flexibility and installation efficiency with superior digital and analog sound performance. Brilliance is ideal for permanent installations of balanced-line analog or digital audio. This top-performing Cat 5e cable is also well suited for use in situations where the cabling may be subject to harsh environmental conditions and rough handling.

As a bonus, the Brilliance single-pair AES/EBU cable can also be used in balanced-line analog situations. The cable’s inherent low capacitance results in excellent analog audio performance, even over long cable runs. In the presence of unbalanced signals, the addition of a balun will enable the cable to support many coax-based signal types, such as analog audio, S/PDIF digital audio and professional AES3id digital audio, as well as surveillance cameras.

Another important advantage of the Brilliance cable is that it offers Belden’s Bonded-Pair design for maximum ruggedness, consistent electrical properties and maximum rejection of noise from other cables at all frequencies from audio to RF. For end users, the new cables provide a cost-effective choice, allowing them to future-proof their facilities and ease the eventual transition from analog to digital audio.

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