Baron Services introduces Omni weather system version 4.0

Baron Services unveiled version 4.0, a free software upgrade of its Omni weather system, which will be available in the third quarter of 2013.

Included in the release is the ability for 3-D models to cast and accept shadows from any object. For example, meteorologists can show a palm tree casting a shadow on the beach.

Another new feature is the ability to display animated 3-D ocean waves, complete with reflections of graphics and text appearing on the water’s surface, and large waves producing sea spray.

Baron Services also has built in new severe weather coverage features into the 4.0 software release. For example, in addition to enhanced display of lightning strikes, the update adds support for local storm reports, allowing meteorologists to provide hyper-local, ground-truth observations during severe weather.

Stations can also now provide coverage of major earthquakes occurring anywhere in the world, seamlessly integrated with their daily weather coverage.