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Barix shows Ethernet-powered IP speaker device

At the upcoming ISE 2011 convention in Amsterdam, Barix will show a new IP audio innovation that gives systems integrators and end users the ability to turn nearly any 8W speaker into an IP speaker solution. The Exstreamer P5 is an all-in-one solution for high-fidelity audio-over-IP distribution, supporting universal IP standards including TCP/IP, RTP, SIP, multicast and EtherSound. The amplified device can directly connect 8W speakers to an IP or EtherSound network, effectively extending the Barix Exstreamer product range into new environments.

The Exstreamer P5 operates reliably in high-temperature environments and enables zoning applications for multispeaker systems, as well as allows individual local/remote channel selection and volume control. These features, along with hi-fi audio quality and PoE capability to simplify deployments, make the Exstreamer P5 suited for overhead/ceiling speaker systems.

The Exstreamer P5 borrows design innovations, including PoE support and high-efficiency Class D audio amplification, from the Barix Annuncicom range of two-way IP audio devices and also mirrors the reliable operation, ruggedized case and simplified mounting options of those devices. It can operate in temperature ranges of 32 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and withstand storage conditions to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.