Aviwest Launches RACK Series of Video Encoders

(Image credit: Aviwest)

SAINT-GREGOIRE, France—Aviwest has unveiled its new RACK Series of next-generation video contribution encoders. Integrating a H.265/HEVC encoder and an H.264/AVC encoder into a compact platform, these new encoders are designed for live production, including contribution applications and multicamera remote/at-home production.

The RACK Series is meant to be deployed in fixed locations and directly connected on wired IP networks. It can be used on vans or trucks and connected to a roof-mounted Aviwest QUAD CellLink 3G/4G antenna or KA satellite transmitter.

With a user-friendly touch screen, the RACK encoder supports multiple operational modes including live, record, live and record, file forward and data hot spot for high-speed internet connectivity. There is also an SIP-based intercom for communication between the master control room on-premises and remote operators in the field. In addition, a video return function enables remote crews to receive on-air feed from the studio, receive teleprompting information and ensure the livestream is being delivered.

Additional features include the ability to synchronously backhaul multiple live feeds with genlock and lip sync across multiple cameras; embeds a full HD encoder; uses SST technology for transmission; and is encased in a 1U half rack form factor.

More information is available on www.aviwest.com.