Avid Looks to Inspire

Interplay Central
"Avid's mission is all about inspiring passion and enlisting creativity, and no one can express it better than our customers," said Gary Greenfield, chairman and CEO of Avid, at a Sunday evening press conference. "In fact, our theme for this year is 'Imagine–Achieve.' If you can imagine it, Avid can help you achieve it."

Among Avid's announcements was Interplay Central, which allows users in different media production areas to access tools needed to boost collaboration, including a Web-based portal and a mobile app.

"What we are seeing here at NAB is a convergence between broadcast and IP," said Greenfield, "and we are ensuring that the best parts of an organization can come together to build the most robust production environment." Avid also announced Media Composer version 5.5 software with Phrase-Find phonetic search capabilities; Avid InGame for augmenting sporting events to enhance fan experiences and advertising; and Avid ISIS 5000-16, a 16 TB shared storage solution with the same performance as the Avid ISIS 5000-32.

Avid is also providing Apple Final Cut Pro users the opportunity to purchase the full, boxed version of Media Composer 5.5 for $995.

—Jay Ankeney, TV Technology