Avid joins ABC News for on-campus ENG training

Avid has joined with ABC News to participate in ABC News On Campus, a program designed to give tomorrow’s news personnel an opportunity to practice real-world newsgathering, production and broadcasting.

Students working with ABC News On Campus capture, produce, edit and distribute news stories in their local area, which are often featured on ABC News programs. This year, students from six universities, including Arizona State University, Syracuse University, University of Florida, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of North Carolina (at Chapel Hill), and University of Texas (at Austin) use tools like Avid’s Media Composer video editing software to create news stories.

Currently, 10 students are at each bureau location, chosen by ABC News and university faculty. They are receiving training on Avid’s media production products.

Several of the students in the first year of the program got network jobs and attributed the experience with the gear as a factor that set them apart from other nontrained applicants for the same jobs.

Avid is now offering all students and educational institutions a copy of its Media Composer 4 software for $295. The price of the software normally begins at $2,295.