Autoscript launches Enhanced Prompting Imaging Centre (EPIC)

Autoscript has launched its Enhanced Prompting Imaging Centre (EPIC). The all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor simplifies studio equipment and enables easier location prompting, while retaining the advanced features and functions of the Autoscipt LED prompter series.

EPIC allows a single piece of equipment to do the work of two, with the on-air talent screen built into the prompter display, which simply flips down to offer the perfect viewing angle. This simplified camera setup makes installation easier and more practical, particularly when on-air talent monitors are required on location.

It also makes cable management easier, requiring just one power cable for the prompter and on-air monitor, while ClockPlus and TallyPlus are powered via the 12 VDC from the prompter; the video signal also loops through the prompter. This leads to a reduction in power consumption, with the EPIC able to operate on just 60W by using the latest advances in switch mode PSUs.