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Autoscript Gives Teleprompting the Green Light at NAB2007

At NAB2007, Autoscript will prompt attendees with the launch of its latest innovation, the ClockPlus, an LED SMPTE/EBU timecode display with the added ability to change instantaneously from green (standby) to red (live or recording) when an appropriate Tally input is applied.

The ClockPlus face brings easy-to-read 2.25-inch digits that display HH:MM:SS A/P in 12-hour mode or HH:MM:SS in 24-hour mode. ClockPlus instantly sets itself to the input time when connected to either VITC or LTC sources. The display will continue to update the time under control of an internal crystal oscillator if the source is subsequently removed.

Autoscript will also showcase VoicePlus, its voice-activated teleprompting solution, which now has multilingual support for Spanish. VoicePlus uses a core speech engine developed by SysMedia and is an add-on module to Autoscript's WinPlus software. VoicePlus automatically scrolls the teleprompter in time with the spoken word of the talent, giving users the freedom to roam the studio.

"What on the surface appear to be subtle improvements to our technology are in practice massive benefits to the end user," said Autoscript USA president Michael Accardi.

Other Autoscript highlights include GoPrompt-15 News, which now provides the ability for field reporters to link directly to the newsroom. Also Autoscript's 8-inch TFT high-brightness screen provides daytime top-flight daytime readability, cranking out with 1,500 candelas--nearly four times the luminous intensity of the industry norm in field operations.

Autoscript will also showcase its Wireless Foot Control, with a 10-channel input for multiple units; its W17 and W17 HD/SD monitors for Autoscript's broadcast FT-17 and TFT-20 on-camera prompters; and the PlusLight fill light, which is mounted to and powered by Autoscript's TFT on-camera prompters.

Autoscript will be in booth C7817.