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Auralex debuts ProMAX Panels at AES

Auralex Acoustics ( introduced its new ProMAX Panels — stand-mounted, portable StudioFoam absorbers — at the AES convention in New York City last week.

The panels are designed as a portable, lightweight, yet highly effective absorption treatment for run-and-gun recording situations such as live broadcasts, untreated rentals used for recording, live events and any location where mounting acoustical treatments to the wall are not possible or ideal.

The flexible absorption panels are simple to set up and transport and easily assembled and disassembled for storage. Their lightweight and flexible design makes them ideal portable absorbers as they can be moved easily and positioned to reduce audible reflections in any recording or listening environment.

Auralex ProMAX Panels can also be grouped together to form a portable vocal booth on the fly. Able to be extended up to 8ft high, Auralex ProMAX Panels feature an adjustable contour for precision positioning.