Transcription Service Launched for Adobe Premiere Pro

LOS ANGELES—axle ai, a software management company, has announced the launch of the AI-driven video transcription service that is able to work with Adobe Premiere Pro. is available through the axle ai website and the Adobe Exchange Application Marketplace at no charge. When registering, users receive a free hour of transcription of video content; after that, users can sign up for subscriptions that start at $4.95 per month for 2.5 hours, with lower prices in larger quantities. The service can provide transcriptions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Russian and Korean.

The service creates an audio-only file that is transcribed in faster than real-time, featuring the transcript and relevant markers that are posted to the timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro. Users can also export an industry-standard SRT or VTT file with the transcript.

The same axle Speech services are used in as in the company’s 2019 media management system for small and midsize video teams, but is free and does not require a centralized database or shared network storage. The system can connect with Speech’s cloud service via nearly any connection, per axle.

The system is available immediately from axle’s website, and will soon be available through the Adobe Exchange Application Marketplace.

Axle ai debuted the service at the Adobe MAX Conference.