Allegro DVT unveils high-density video transcoder

Allegro DVT has extended its portfolio of transcoders and introduces AL2400, its high-density video transcoder.

This 1RU unit is a hardware-accelerated transcoder designed with bulk transcoding farms in mind. AL2400 allows different configurations, such as 48 multiscreen OTT channels with four profiles outputs each (SD and lower), representing 192 encodings, in 1RU; and 84 IPTV channels, SD H.264 or SD MPEG-2 to SD H.264, in 1RU.

The unit ingests large pools of SD/HD channels and is suited for massive, cost-conscious IPTV and OTT deployments. With all of the features of AL2000 transcoder, such as carrier-grade multiscreen delivery, the AL2400 adds a new modular form factor, high density and low power consumption.