AJA leaps on new Apple Leopard Mac OS

The company’s Mac video solutions will let users take full advantage of the new Apple operating system.
AJA Video plans Apple Leopard OS support for the Io HD (shown) ingest and output device and KONA capture and playback cards.

AJA Video will offer support for Leopard, Apple's new operating system (OS) for its Intel-based professional Mac Pro and MacBook Pro computers.

AJA's Io HD, the next generation of the company's Io video ingest and output devices, provides 10-bit quality video over FireWire for Apple's Final Cut Studio and natively supports Apple's ProRes 422 format, enabling portable HD editing on MacBook Pro and Mac Pro computers.

The KONA video capture and playback cards from AJA, including the KONA 3, KONA LHe and KONA LSe, will also offer support for the new OS.

For more information, visit www.aja.com.