AJA Goes Off-Road for King of Hammer Broadcasts

JOHNSON VALLEY, CALIF. – This past February, producer Dan Campbell journeyed to Johnson Valley, Calif., with 60,000 spectators to chronicle the King of Hammers off-road race. Campbell led a production team of 25 equipped with AJA equipment to capture the 430 teams trek across 200 miles of boulder-laden terrain for the KOH 2015 championship for on-site fans and online viewers.

AJA’s Hi5-Plus 3G-SDI to HDMI Mini Converters and HA5-Plus HDMI to 3G-SDI were used to send video signals back to be broadcasted live footage for the webcast and two on-site jumbotrons; the Ki Pro Minis were placed in helicopters to capture aerial coverage; and Io XT, connected via Thunderbolt, was used for ingest and playout, scrubbing and trimming and the final playout of edited materials to an AJA KUMO router. Other AJA products that were used include V2Digital, UDC, HD10MD3.

During five days of production, Campbell’s AJA equipment went through damp, cold conditions to bring more than 35 hours of footage to KOH fans.

You can check out all the footage via the 2015 KOH highlight reel.