Agilent Technologies, Net-O2 expand conformance test for N2X

Agilent Technologies has expanded the Carrier Ethernet conformance test portfolio on its N2X multiservices test solution, part of a collaboration with Net-O2 Technologies.

Agilent’s N2X now allows network equipment manufacturers and service providers to validate Carrier Ethernet aggregation networks, which are essential to the delivery of triple-play services.

Net-O2’s ATTEST Layer 2 conformance test technology has been integrated into Agilent’s N2X platform. This combines the comprehensive ATTEST protocol test cases with the productivity benefits of the N2X conformance test manager, laying the foundation for the rapid introduction of future test suites and applications.

The demand for real-time voice and video services that meet quality-of-experience expectations, combined with the drive to reduce operator costs, are generating a new breed of Carrier Ethernet aggregation devices. To optimize bandwidth allocation, packet delivery and fault recovery, equipment manufacturers and service providers must ensure these devices correctly implement the latest revisions of key Carrier Ethernet protocols such as Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) and the Spanning Tree Protocols (RSTP, MSTP).

Conformance testing is a critical process to ensure protocol robustness and equipment interoperability. Agilent’s new layer-2 conformance test suites offer an independent validation tool comprising more than 450 individual test cases.

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