ADS Monitors with Videotek

Advanced Digital Services (ADS), a Los Angeles-based video duplication and post house is using several Videotek on-screen systems to monitor its work.

In addition to its duplication services, ADS offers video compression, DVD authoring and standards conversion using several Videotek VTM-400HD multi-format on-screen monitoring systems for HD and Videotek VTM-320 multi-format on-screen monitors for SD, ADS monitors.

"The unified display of all the various parameters that our Videotek equipment can monitor makes them particularly useful," says Russell Ruggieri, VP of Engineering for ADS. "The looping feature that allows sharing of the display with other computer outputs is very helpful for creating a cohesive desktop environment."

The Videotek VTM-400HD offers increased resolution (XGA, 1024x768) and 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio displays of high definition serial digital video in 720p, 1080i and 1080p/24sf formats, and includes on screen measurement cursors for waveform amplitude, time and vector phase.

The VTM-300 includes the same features as Videotek's VTM-200 for monitoring and measuring picture, waveform, vector and optional audio on a single XGA (1024x768) monitor and adds automatic signal quality verification with time and date stamps, multiple waveforms, on screen cursors, multiple line select, XGA loop and bypass, remote PC software control and optional frame capture.