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Abaltat rolls out four new virtual bands

Abaltat this week is featuring four new virtual bands for the Abaltat Band collection at IBC2007.

A plug-in for the Abaltat Muse video-driven soundtrack composer, Abaltat Band allows the user to specify and combine the genre, instrumentation and performance style of music composed by the software. The new bands are expected to be available in the early part of the fourth quarter this year.

The four new additions to Abaltat Band include:

  • Minimalist One, inspired by minimalist composers and featuring a rhythmical, interweaving, slowly evolving composition on acoustic orchestral instruments;
  • Minimalist Two, inspired by the music of minimalist composers, such as Philip Glass, and using a sound canvas of electronica and synth pads;
  • Dub Reggae, featuring the bass lines and percussion of Caribbean dub, spiced up with guitar riffs and Hammond stabs;
  • Percussion One, dedicated to rhythm featuring drum patterns that evolve and follow the color and intensity of the video.

See Abaltat at IBC2007 Stand 7.918, or visit