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3-Gig Systems Lead Nvision at IBC2008

(click thumbnail)Nvision NV5100MCNvision will come to IBC2008 with its latest in routing and switching systems, including a new large-matrix 3 Gbps router line.

Product demonstrations will also include new NV5100MC master control switching systems, newly extended functionality for the NV9000 router control system, and increased big-system functionality for its compact router series.

Nvision shares its IBC stand with its global partner, Axon Digital Design BV, whose technology provides the basis of many Nvision products.

Nvision has a new generation of high-density, large-matrix, digital multiformat routers, from 144x144 to 1152x1152.

The first in this line, the NV8576 large-matrix digital multiformat router (shown at The NAB Show 2008), offers 3 Gbps routing and the company’s N-on-1 redundant crosspoint protection.

It provides matrix sizes in two 32 RU frames that previously required at least four router chassis, the company says. It supports a 576x1152 matrix in a single 32 RU frame, and can be easily expanded linearly to 1152x1152 with the NV8576 Plus in the field by adding a second frame and the appropriate front plug-in modules.

The second router in the series, the NV8280, has all the features and functionality of the NV8576, with a matrix of 288x576, and can be expanded to a 576x576 matrix with the NV8280 Plus.

Nvision will also demonstrate its new NV5100MC multichannel master control switching system. Its modularity enables a broadcaster to customize a powerful master control system to fit a facility’s current needs, and then easily add or upgrade features and functionality as requirements change. Advantages of the NV5100MC series include increased audio and video processing capability, a field programmable processor for either SD or HD, a choice of four control surfaces, and full-video preview including effects.

Nvision will also showcase the scalable NV9000 series router control system, controlling up to 250 routers, 400 control panels, and up to 250 physical and 512 virtual levels. Two NV9000 system controllers can be combined to build a fully redundant control system.

Nvision will bring its compact router series, with support for 3Gbps, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES, AV, AA, and data formats. More than 30 routers in the product line each operate without the need for an external controller, but can be controlled by an NV9000/NV915 control system or third-party gear for integration into large routing systems.

Nvision will be at Stands 10.A21 and 10.B21.