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Vimond Unveils Upgraded GUI for Controlling Vimond Platform

BERGEN, NORWAY — Vimond Media Solutions announced a “significant upgrade” to its Vimond Control Center video management tool that serves as the user interface for the company’s online video platform. Vimond said the upgrade simplify the interface to its technology that drives over-the-top and TV Everywhere services for a number of broadcasters and service providers in the Nordics and elsewhere.

VCC has a modular design and an HTML5 interface, enabling users to perform any action in the publishing workflow, including inserting or editing metadata; categorizing programs; drag-and-drop uploading of files; uploading thumbnails or grabbing pictures from the video; chaptering and handling of dynamic timeline events; indexing video; scheduling programs and creating electronic program guides; and differential publishing across screens with DRM and archiving. Users can also control the encoder and transcoder directly from the interface.

The VCC controls Vimond Platform’s new single-source, multiformat streaming and DRM capabilities, which allow streaming from a single source to multiple technical platforms and formats including Adobe Flash, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, AppleHLS, and mobile devices. Cross-platform video-streaming technology dynamically remuxes video streams to different platforms, significantly lowering the number of formats needed and making it possible for Vimond customers to stream high-quality video with no buffering or waiting.

Vimond Experience is the collection of API-based frameworks that allow programmers to create end-user services on the Vimond Platform, and VCC is how they access those frameworks. By accessing the Vimond Experience development frameworks through the VCC, users can add features to their online TV portals, including a new multiscreen feature that allows viewers to resume playback of content. The resume playback feature enables the viewer to resume watching videos across platforms as well as being able to see which assets have been viewed completely, partly, or not at all. With this service, the viewer can pick up any device at any time and proceed watching the stream where they left it. The resume playback feature also enables content holders to review data and user patterns to learn more about how their content is consumed.

VCC also enables broadcasters to configure Vimond’s new universal video player, which allows viewers to watch the same content across different player platforms from a single source. The player supports Flash, Silverlight and HTML5.