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RTW, a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional audio metering and control devices for studio recording and radio and TV broadcast applications, will exhibit the TM3-3G and TM7 from the company's TouchMonitor audio metering line of products at the QvestMedia stand (E8-10, Hall 4) during the 2013 CABSAT show.

RTW's TouchMonitor series offers a cutting-edge approach to metering and monitoring. The newest member of the family, the TM3-3G, is a compact yet versatile solution for metering, de-embedding and monitoring 3G SDI audio. It features a 4.3-inch touchscreen for horizontal as well as vertical orientation that can display any of the eight audio channels contained in a 3G SDI stream. It also includes a large number of graphical and numerical instruments showing single-channel and summing loudness bargraphs, PPM, true peak, SPL, loudness range (LRA), dialnorm and correlation for this purpose. The TM3 provides comprehensive loudness metering in compliance with all globally relevant standards (EBU R128, ITU BS.1770-3/1771, ATSC A/85 and ARIB). It also features the Magic LRA mode, specifically designed by RTW for intuitive visualization of the loudness range and integrated-loudness parameters.

The TM3-3G, introduced last year, includes features of the larger TM7 TouchMonitor. The TM7, featuring a seven-inch touch screen combined unprecedented flexibility and modularity with an intuitive user interface. This innovative range of products marks the next generation in professional audio-signal metering.