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NAB 2013: EditShare Unveils Major Upgrades Across Entire Line of End-to-End Tapeless Workflow Products

Highlights include new version of EditShare’s extreme-performing scalable storage; major new features for Flow media asset management; Geevs servers for multicam studio, sports and post; new features for Ark backup and archive, and Lightworks on Mac OX

Boston, MA — March 1, 2013 —EditShare®, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, is showcasing a host of upgrades for the company’s high-performance storage and end-to-end production and broadcast solutions at NAB 2013 (booth SL9010). Visitors to the booth will see the wide array of value-added features and new products shown in the context of studio, post and broadcast workflow scenarios. Among the enhancements are a new sleek, intuitive interface for EditShare 7; the just-released portable EditShare Field 2 for “on-the-go” collaborative editing, remote bureaus and ENG edit-while-capture capabilities; Air Flow, the new web browser-based application for accessing Flow media asset management over the Internet; new Flow Automation tools for workflow efficiency; Geevs Sports, a server and production package tailored for the unique needs of multi-channel, fast-paced sports coverage, and Geevs Post, the server that brings media management and collaboration to high volume post environments. Also debuting at NAB will be the long anticipated Mac OS X version of Lightworks, EditShare’s free, professional non-linear editor that also runs on Linux and Windows platforms.

“We’ve always been about high-performance storage, groundbreaking collaboration tools and streamlined workflows, and this year we offer more advances for just about every aspect of production,” says Andy Liebman, founder and president of EditShare. “The Geevs Studio MC, for example, has become the ‘go-to’ solution for soap opera production and episodic studio work. It features multichannel synched ingest of up to 16 or more cameras. All camera angles can be reviewed instantly and simultaneously — in synch. And because we capture tally signals from the video switcher/vision mixer, we can playback cut sequences without having to record the actual mixed feed. Plus, we then have multicam sequences you can drag and drop into Avid or FCP. It’s a huge time saver. By understanding what’s important to each workflow, we are creating similar timesaving solutions with Geevs Sports, Geevs Post, and the new Flow Automation, Air Flow and Ark products. We keep listening to our customers so we can help them meet their workflow challenges.”

About the EditShare Tapeless Workflow
EditShare seamlessly integrates high-performance shared storage solutions — (XStream and Energy) — with video ingest (Geevs and Flow), media asset management (Flow) and archive (Ark), to offer broadcast and post-production professionals a productivity-enhancing, tapeless workflow on a highly scalable infrastructure.

Highlights of the EditShare tapeless workflow

At the center of EditShare’s end-to-end workflow is high-performance shared storage that offers industry-leading stream counts, infinite scalability and advanced project sharing with patented bin and project-locking capabilities for Avid, Final Cut Pro (v6/v7), Adobe Premiere and Lightworks.

Flow and Geevs record Avid DNxHD or ProRes direct to EditShare shared central storage and produce proxy files in real time, with optional mirror copy and automatic backup to EditShare Ark. During ingest, users can log shots and create subclips.

The Flow MAM allows users to view proxy file content on their desktops without requiring access to full-resolution media, as well as ingest media from file-based sources such as P2 and XDCAM. Simple editing tools and metadata templates let users add information to clips, make rough cuts, and drag-and-drop clips and sequences into their NLEs.

Ark Disk and Tape offer facilities a tiered storage infrastructure with nearline and offline archiving options to keep media safe. All Ark systems can scale to multiple petabytes, and allow users to browse, delete, and restore archived materials (including partial restore) from any desktop on the EditShare network.
New for EditShare at NAB 2013

EditShare V7
• This latest release operates on the most performant and capable Linux OS ever
• EditShare Connect now sports a totally new and intuitive interface that provides much-requested features, such as “Project Profiles” (the ability to remember what spaces need to be mounted for different projects), a System Status indicator, and translation support for virtually any local language
• A new project sharing plug-in panel for Adobe Premiere CS7

EditShare Field 2
EditShare Field 2 is the all-new, quiet and portable powerhouse that includes Flow asset management, all in a box small enough to meet airline standards for carry-on luggage. It’s perfect for creating a collaborative, multi-editor environment in a hotel room, on a movie set or in a small news bureau. With the Flow SDI ingest option, users can record up to two channels of HD in leading codecs (XDCAM-EX35, DNxHD, DVCProHD, etc). The edit-while-capture capability lets you start editing the moment you begin recording — perfect for ENG applications when you want to be the first to get a story on the air. With an optional lightweight expansion unit, storage can scale up to 24 Terabytes.

New Connectivity Options
10GBaseT — economical 10-Gigabit connectivity over standard CAT 6 copper cables — is the latest wave in Ethernet technology. EditShare has multiple switch options including an EditShare-customized version of Arista’s ground-breaking 52-port 10-Gigabit switches. A user-friendly interface is designed into the switch with the simple management features you expect from EditShare products.

New Flow 3 with Air Flow and Flow Automation
In this new version, Air Flow and Flow Automation join the already popular Flow Browse, Flow Logger and Flow Ingest tools.

Air Flow is the new web browser-based connection to the powerful Flow asset management system. It allows users to access Flow over the Internet for remote browsing, tagging and organizing media assets.

Flow Automation provides new indispensable tools for setting up automated tasks such as transcoding and moving files based on easy-to-configure rules.

Other enhancements in Flow 3 include more powerful video editing and trimming; a new customizable user interface that gives users greater flexibility in arranging panes to maximize productivity; and support for non-video clips such as audio files, still images and documents.

Geevs Sports
Geevs Sports offers a complete broadcast solution for sports coverage that includes a video server with an integrated Multiviewer and an efficient tactile Controller. It’s a cost-effective, value-added package that is ideal for broadcasters, Outside Broadcast companies (OBs) and In-Stadium television producers. Toolsets for marking key game plays for highlight creation and playback with different angles are quick and easy to use.

Key Features of Geevs Sports:
• Four inputs and two outputs
• The agile and compact custom controller gives operators precise access to playlist functions with a minimum number of keystrokes.
• Integrated Multiviewer displays the different screen sources with clip names and time codes — all within a single screen.
• Tallies can also be added to sources so operators can easily identify clip usage elsewhere in the production.
• Add Mark-ins for events in the game. Build highlight lists for playback.
• Smooth, jitter-free replay of highlights and key plays with variable forward and reverse speeds; stop mode for still-frames
• With integration between Flow and Geevs Sports, assistants can organize and edit clip lists in Flow Browse and prepare them for playback.
• Capture directly to central storage, where NLE editors and Flow users have access to both high-res and proxy files while the recording is in progress.

Geevs Post
Geevs Post is a multipurpose ingest server for playout and file delivery in production and post-production environments.

Key Features of Geevs Post:
• Standard two inputs and two outputs in a new compact 2RU chassis
• Scalable by stacking multiple Post servers together for additional video I/O; can be ganged together for simultaneous recording of all channels from a single client
• Geevs Post has the same powerful wide range of codecs included in Geevs server products
• The integrated Multiviewer displays sources with clip name and time code — all within a single screen. A tally can also be added to each source to identify for the operator where sources are being used elsewhere.
• New Scheduler client. A new easy-to-use client to add scheduled calendar events for recording. Add events using the clutter-free interface. It’s easy to set up repeat recordings.
• Integrates with EditShare’s central storage and Flow.

Dense Ark Disc Unit
EditShare will also preview the new Dense Ark Disc Unit at NAB 2013. This cost-effective, compact unit stores up to 240 TBs of storage in a 4U space.

Lightworks 11.2
At NAB 2013, EditShare will be previewing the new Mac OS X version of Lightworks. In addition to the Windows and Linux versions, this makes Lightworks the first NLE to be truly cross platform across all major operating systems. It continues to attract a growing user base with 450,000 registered Windows users, and the floodgates are about to open for the Linux and Mac OS X communities. As always, Lightworks is available to users – for free – forever. More and more professional editors are returning to Lightworks to edit major commercial feature films and projects. A training certification program for Lightworks will also be introduced later this year.

New features in Lightworks 11.2 include:
• Added support for AJA I/O hardware
• Added support for screen capture using the record panel
• An improved import panel; now behaves similarly to bins, mark/park clips before import
• Native H.264 MOV playback
• Added Curve effect to FX Colour Correction effects

About EditShare
EditShare is the technology leader in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the TV and film industry. Our groundbreaking products improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. They include video capture and playout servers, high-performance central shared storage, archiving and backup software, media asset management, and the world’s first 3-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application.

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