Pilat Media's IBMS Multiplatform Enhancements

At the 2013 NAB Show, Pilat Media will be demonstrating the latest enhancements to its flagship Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS), the industry's most comprehensive, functionally rich, robust, and scalable software system for enterprise-wide management of broadcasting and airtime sales operations.

IBMS Omnicast -- Stand-Alone Nonlinear Service Management for Multiplatform Operations

Pilat Media will unveil powerful new enhancements to IBMS Omnicast, its business management solution for nonlinear next-generation services such as VOD, over-the-top (OTT) TV, and catch-up TV across all delivery platforms. IBMS Omnicast combines the latest IBMS nonlinear services management features in a sophisticated, stand-alone back office system addressing everything from acquisition and multiplatform service scheduling to workflow orchestration and business dashboards. Meeting the challenges of increasing asset volumes and refresh rates, as well as multiplicity of services, the latest version of IBMS Omnicast includes a service matrix for multiplatform delivery, linking together all service offerings in a hierarchy. With this tool, broadcasters can schedule content once at the top level, and the system will automatically create offers on each linked delivery outlet, applying appropriate rights checks based on the requirements of each platform. This feature is also available as IBMS:OnDemand, an add-on non-linear content management module for IBMS-managed environments.

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Photo Caption 1: IBMS Omnicast Navigation Tree

Photo Caption 2: IBMS Omnicast OnDemand Planner

Photo Caption 3: IBMS Omnicast Requests Gauges

IBMS Rights -- Advanced Rights Management for Linear and On-Demand Multiplatform Content

Available as either a stand-alone solution or as an addition to IBMS-managed environments, IBMS Rights delivers centralized rights management across all broadcasting operations, covering contract management, program finance, and distribution licensing. At the 2013 NAB Show, Pilat will showcase additional IBMS Rights functionality for distribution licenses, which includes the identification of revenue shares and management of the associated payments back to the original content providers. Pilat will also highlight enhancements to cost-allocation functionality with IBMS Rights now supporting manual allocation of costs across any number of business units at the individual license window level. This extends existing functionality that allocates costs based on a predefined expense-allocation template.

OTTilus -- Business-Integrated OTT Solution

Making its U.S. debut at the 2013 NAB Show is the OTTilus OVP (Online Video Platform), an enterprise-class over-the-top (OTT) TV solution designed to expand broadcasters' and TV operators' multiplatform product offerings while leveraging their broadcast operations' existing workflows and systems. OTTilus, a Pilat Media company, enables end-to-end OTT deployments that encompass all major solution components from content acquisition to player applications. The OTTilus OVP is easy to deploy and highly compatible with all security, streaming, device, and monetization options, and it can be deployed as a cloud service or to drive a local OTT headend. An optional BMS middleware layer ensures the seamless integration of OTT applications with broadcasters' business processes. OTTilus provides a highly compelling and consistent viewer experience with player applications that support major end-user devices from smartphones to tablets to smart TVs. OTTilus solutions can be deployed quickly out of the box or tailored to meet specific client needs.

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Photo Caption: OTTilus

Company Quote:

"Now more than ever, media enterprises need highly integrated and powerful business management tools as they grapple with integrating traditional and new media services. At this year's NAB Show, attendees will learn firsthand why IBMS is hands down the most complete and feature-rich business management system for the advanced multiplatform operations that are defining today's broadcast enterprises." -- Ron Bar-Lev, Executive Vice President of Product Strategy, Pilat Media

Company Overview:

Pilat Media Global plc (AIM: PGB) develops, markets, and supports business management software solutions for content and service providers in the media industry. Designed with the direct involvement of top-tier broadcasters, Pilat Media's systems improve business performance; accelerate time to market; and enable diversification and growth of content programming, advertising sales, traffic, and media operations for multiplatform linear and on-demand services. More than 60 blue-chip media companies around the world use Pilat Media solutions, including CBS, Corus, Discovery, SABC, Chello DMC, the BBC World Service, Media General, Sky Italia, ESPN Star Sports, and FOXTEL. These and other deployments represent the management of billions of dollars in advertising revenue and programming that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers. In addition, Pilat Media offers an end-to-end enterprise-class OTT solution that seamlessly integrates with broadcast operations through the company's subsidiary, OTTilus. More information is available at www.pilatmedia.com.