Nevion innovations at IBC further its position as the leader of IP video solutions

Nevion innovations at IBC further its position as the leader of IP video solutions~ Advanced IP protection, processing and compression are among new solutions to be launched at IBC ~

Nevion, the leading provider of managed video services for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, will showcase sophisticated new IP-based solutions at IBC stand 8.B70. Part of the Ventura platform of modular video transport solutions, these innovations provide a new level of control, protection and quality.

“The proliferation of connected devices and demand for contribution-quality content anywhere, at any time is fueling rapid adoption of IP-based networks and solutions,” said Eugene Keane, CTO of Nevion. “Our new and enhanced solutions address customer concerns to provide the highest availability, the best signal quality, the lowest latency, the most robust protection, and the most comprehensive monitoring and control.”

Nevion’s IP Media Edge Processor, the VS909, is a multi-functional processing module that incorporates advanced techniques for IP-domain processing and protection of any IP-encapsulated media flow. It provides an unprecedented range of security, protection, duplication, address translation and quality assurance features including Forward Error Correction (FEC), Nevion’s Streaming Intelligent Packet Switching (SIPS), Launch Delay Offset (LDO), as well as multicast, unicast, VLAN, and RTP.

Nevion’s VS901-2 JPEG 2000 dual-channel decoder can be used with VS901 single-channel encoders to reduce link costs and double capacity at expensive aggregation facilities such as central offices and headends. The VS901 enables broadcasters and service providers to achieve artifact-free, near mathematically lossless compression—as low as 2:1 compression ratio for HD and SD video, a first for the industry—of HD-SDI/SD-SDI over ASI and Gigabit Ethernet with no blocking, tiling or motion dependence. It supports all SD and HD formats at 270Mbps, 1485Mbps, 1483.52Mbps, and now 1080x2K with automatic signal detection and configurable packet buffer. It accommodates network-specific packet delay variations, and is designed to meet the exacting demands of live event or delay-sensitive applications including digital cinema.

The VS904 universal H.264/MPEG-2 codec provides a full range of video profiles as well as most audio codecs and, together with Nevion’s JPEG 2000 codecs, completes the range of compression technologies required to address all bit rates and quality levels required in professional media networking. The VS904 is ideal for high quality SD or HD-SDI video transport over Gigabit Ethernet or DVB-ASI for bandwidth-limited infrastructures. Nevion’s H.264 solutions extend from 4:2:0/8-bit applications to the highest possible quality 4:2:2/10-bit and AVCi applications. The VS904 also covers all MPEG-2 profiles.

The VS902 universal IP access platform provides secure, high-quality ASI/SD/HD/3G signal transport over a common unified platform for access to virtually any environment—long distance, metro area, and campus networks. It can transport linear, JPEG 2000 or ASI video on a single platform with complete flexibility.

Enhancements to the VS902 span a range of protection schemes, including Nevion’s SIPS for perfect video-over-IP protection switching, LDO and Encoder Partner Protection (EPP) for full hardware redundancy protection. It now offers virtual element management for full network monitoring, as well as a new 10G interface and SMPTE 2022-1/2 and 5/6 video encapsulation. It provides detailed analysis of video and network ports, including full analysis of both dual network feeds. It also boasts the most flexible network configuration capability and the most flexible IP handling in the industry today.

Offering multichannel media interfacing for nearly all professional audio and low bit rate data formats, Nevion’s VS906 audio codec family provides the highest density, lowest power, and most network-flexible interfacing in the market today. 48 AES stereo pairs occupy only a 1U rack and feature fully flexible addressing for each flow with Nevion’s SIPS perfect protection switching, LDO and EPP for full hardware redundancy protection.

All Ventura transport solutions adhere to industry-high service provider standards, and are fully integrated with Nevion’s VideoIPath software/hardware platform for completely managed video-over-IP services. Ventura solutions are used for many of the world’s high profile events including the Olympic Games, World Cups, and Academy Awards telecasts.

About Nevion

Moving beyond video transport to fully managed and controlled video networking, Nevion manufactures award-winning systems for broadcasters, service providers and government agencies worldwide. Highly modular solutions encompass IP and optical transport, state-of-the-art compression and routing for any video format over any network infrastructure—within buildings or across continents. With the industry’s greenest and most scalable products, Nevion preserves quality while delivering video from content acquisition through distribution. By creating new service-offering opportunities or minimizing costs, Nevion enables its customers to move, manage and monetize video content. World headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway, with U.S. headquarters in Oxnard, California; Nevion also maintains offices in Oslo, Chicago, London, Dubai, Beijing and Singapore.