Civolution and Gigigo Power Second Screen Synced App for Coca-Cola Spain’s ‘SmileWorld’ Community

Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content, and Gigigo, experts in mobile marketing and app development, today announced that they have worked together to create an enhanced user experience for Coca-Cola Spain’s ‘SmileWorld’ app by using Civolution’s ACR SyncNow®solution to synchronize the app with the TV screen, creating engaging second screen experiences on all mobile devices.

The ‘SmileWorld’ app is a photographic and mobile social network for Coca-Cola consumers in Spain. It has been designed by Gigigo to create a community around the brand, aggregating the most attractive social networks features such as Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter with business capabilities to allow sister brand plans to be executed within the app. Using Civolution’s SyncNow, Gigigo developed a new feature which integrates the second screen with the company’s online marketing. This means that the ‘SmileWorld’ app includes synchronized second screen experiences, empowering the users to further interact with the brand in real-time and Coca-Cola to improve its customer relationship management and strategy through usage data.

A Coca-Cola second screen logo is embedded within various content – such as TV series or advertisements - inviting viewers to tag and get extra features or coupons. Users can upload and share photos, take part in competitions and access promotions directly within the app, increasing brand loyalty and engagement. The ACR technology is a key enabler to quickly identify content and sync in real-time, but also to measure and provide analytics on usage.

“We designed the ‘SmileWorld’ social app to create innovative ways to captivate our customers and create long lasting relationships,” said Enrique Burgos, Digital Manager, Coca-Cola Spain. “The rise of the second screen led us to rethink how synchronization solutions can link the TV and online worlds. Civolution’s SyncNow technology has enabled Gigigo to build an app that supports our users’ behaviour and links our ‘SmileWorld’ community and TV advertising through the second screen. By enabling integration of the app with TV programming, we are creating the opportunity for our community to become even more involved with our brand.”

"Since the launch of Coca-Cola ‘SmileWorld’ in 2012, we have continuously analyzed the use of the smartphones and new capabilities to provide users and Coca-Cola brands with new ways to interact and increase the engagement between users and Coca-Cola", said Borja Marinas, Managing Partner and worldwide Coca-Cola Account Manager at Gigigo Group.

“We endeavour to help brands enhance consumer engagement through second screen interaction with the TV,” said Jean-Michel Masson, SVP Watermarking Solutions, Civolution. “Coca-Cola has gained huge traction through their ‘SmileWorld’ community and we are proud to be able to help them build on this success by providing a new ingenious dimension for their app further strengthening Coca-Cola’s relationship with its customers.”

The synchronization between the content and the companion device relies on Civolution’s widely deployed SyncNow® ACR solution. SyncNow enables real-time identification and second-accurate synchronization between broadcast, on-demand or recorded content and interactive applications on companion devices - tablets, smartphones and laptops - to present compelling synchronized interactive user experiences. SyncNow already powers a range of cross-screen consumer applications for movie and show producers, broadcasters, second screen platform providers and advertisers worldwide.