TMD introduces Adobe Premiere Pro CC integration

New Mediaflex Gateway simplifies post-production workflows and content management

TMD, a leading supplier of asset management and workflow solutions for broadcasters, content owners and audiovisual archives, has developed an interface between its Mediaflex asset management system and Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC. The result is seamless integration of editing and post production into broader, business-driven workflows.

Mediaflex incorporates powerful, user-defined workflow capabilities that allow broadcasters and production companies to define tasks in terms of outcomes, with Mediaflex controlling the underlying technology to achieve it. The new Mediaflex Gateway, which includes an HTML-5 based panel, allows Adobe Premiere Pro CC to be integrated into these workflows, with metadata passing in both directions.

Trailers, compliance edits and other post-production tasks can be defined in Mediaflex, with the gateway delivering the required material and the work order to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Mediaflex also tracks the process, notifying appropriate people when it is complete or when there is content to review. It also collects other metadata that can subsequently be used for business analytics and costing.

Equally, in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, users can use the gateway to look into Mediaflex, searching and importing content, raising and modifying workflows, and interacting with other users, all within the Adobe user interface.

“There is a huge wave of interest in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for broadcast post production tasks, because its open architecture makes it readily integrated,” said Alex Sibilev, chief architect at TMD. “The workflow capabilities we have already implemented in Mediaflex are more advanced than other simple asset management systems, so we can achieve a really powerful interaction that is easy to adopt for both Mediaflex users and Adobe Premiere Pro CC editors.”

“The result is a tightly integrated solution that meets everyone’s expectations,” Sibilev added. “The two-way metadata exchange means decisions can be made during the workflow process rather than being set in stone at the beginning. It makes for highly productive working which, in turn, means more creativity, more content and better economics.”

“Adobe Premiere Pro CC, part of Adobe Creative Cloud®, enables our customers to create amazing content,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “Now broadcasters and production companies can further automate and manage their workflow thanks to this collaboration with TMD on the Mediaflex Gateway.”

The new Mediaflex Gateway to Adobe, and the rest of the Mediaflex infrastructure, can be seen at IBC2014 (Amsterdam, 12 – 16 September) on stand number 2.C58.