Aon reveals the "Unsung Heroes" at Manchester United TV

Aon filmed the footage at Manchester United’s Player of the Year awards alongside legends Dion Dublin and David May to recognise the important roles of media and entertainment professionals behind the scenes at the club.

Ian Rogers, Managing Director, Aon Enterprise, said, “All manner of professionals are involved in the success of a club of Manchester United’s size. These aren’t simply the first team players - from the cameraman to the make-up artist, there are a number of unsung heroes behind the success of an event who require professional confidence to carry out their role effectively, especially at busy and significant events of the year.” Rogers continued, “At the very heart of this confidence lies self-assurance that suitable cover is in place whatever the eventuality when media and entertainment professionals are at work. However busy they may be, it’s important that they take the time to prepare themselves for all kinds of disasters as far as possible. This includes making sure the correct insurance policy is in place – so that professionals feel protected against unexpected accidents or theft, that might compromise their performance."