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SintecMedia at IBC2014

At IBC2014, SintecMedia will showcase its full product family, including new and existing offerings that help customers monetize their assets and streamline their operations in today's complex and rapidly changing media environment. On display will be best-in-class products for managing critical functions ranging from advertising revenue and programming operations to affiliate revenue and on-demand operations, working together to provide a complete and seamless solution. SintecMedia will feature OnAir(R) 4, a significant upgrade of its flagship product that demonstrates the company's ongoing investment in product improvement. Also featured at IBC2014 will be the Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS); the MediaPro advertising sales system; the CloudOnAir solution, designed to enable small and mid-size companies to manage their media businesses in the cloud; and robust solutions -- including the OTTilus over-the-top (OTT) delivery platform -- for managing nonlinear offerings.

NEW: SintecMedia OnAir(R) 4

Making its European debut at IBC2014, SintecMedia's OnAir(R) 4 is a significant new version of the company's leading platform for end-to-end broadcast management. OnAir 4 supports every business-critical function necessary to manage the advertising revenue stream, including ad sales, traffic, programming, scheduling, promotions, and rights management. Key improvements include a sleeker technology footprint that delivers a significant reduction in implementation and system maintenance costs, as well as a new optimization tool kit for managing promos and ads.

OnAir 4 features a completely redesigned screen layout that makes navigation of complex business workflows easier and more intuitive than ever before. From a single integrated screen, operators have a complete overview of the broadcast business environment and easy access to critical operations with a minimum of mouse clicks. The system has an intelligent interface that senses where the user is in the navigation and suggests the next possible operation, providing the user with intuitive navigation and more operational space on the screen.

In addition, OnAir 4 is now completely integrated with SintecMedia's stand-alone OnRights and OnRequest modules for nonlinear content management and delivery. Working together, the three products offer a comprehensive business management solution for managing and delivering content for linear broadcast and nonlinear platforms.

Broadcast Management in the Cloud -- www.CloudOnAir.TV

At IBC2014, SintecMedia will highlight CloudOnAir, the first enterprise-level, cloud-based business management solution tailored to small and mid-size broadcasters. Offered as software as a service, CloudOnAir delivers robust capabilities for managing broadcast sales, traffic, scheduling, programming, promotion, and billing -- all without the expense or operational hassles of managing on-site hardware, applications, and IT resources. Now, broadcasters of all sizes can migrate easily from manual spreadsheet-based processes to the tools they need to run a successful station or network, without having to make a significant investment in on-site technology. With high-level security and easy accessibility and integration, the system is delivered via a secure website with extensive online support. Utilizing a library of built-in templates, CloudOnAir provides smaller broadcasters with specific tools to maximize airtime and increase revenue for standard and multiplatform delivery.

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SintecMedia IBMS

SintecMedia will demonstrate the newest enhancements to its Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS), a comprehensive, functionally rich, robust, and scalable software system for content and rights management, media trafficking, airtime scheduling, and advertising sales. These enhancements include a broad range of functional additions to enable multiplatform, linear, and non-linear programming; advanced rights management; and ad sales management. In addition, IBMS is being integrated with SintecMedia's OnAir, offering IBMS customers access to OnAir functionality such as promo optimization.

Managing Nonlinear OTT and VOD Offerings

At IBC2014, SintecMedia will showcase its rich set of offerings that streamline and centralize key business management functions for multiplatform and video-on-demand (VOD) services. OnRequest opens new revenue streams through effective management of all programming, contract rights, ad sales, and promotions for nonlinear services on a variety of platforms. IBMS OnDemand provides centralized business management for VOD services, enabling media companies to build a richer viewing experience with broader content choice. As an enterprise-class OTT platform, OTTilus is the foundation on which broadcasters, platform operators, and new media ventures launch the next generation of TV Everywhere services. Working together, these three products offer a complete solution for managing nonlinear operations and they are also seamlessly integrated with SintecMedia's IBMS and OnAir broadcast management systems.


"At this year's IBC show, we're looking forward to showing attendees why SintecMedia offers the industry's most powerful tool kit for managing a profitable and successful broadcast business. We're especially proud of the usability improvements in OnAir 4, designed not only to enhance efficiencies for existing users, but also to help new users master the system quickly and easily. With the new version, we've packaged all of the robust components of OnAir into a single unified user experience that provides a single screen and a single touch-point for accomplishing the most critical management tasks."

-- Amotz Yarden, CEO, SintecMedia

Company Overview:

SintecMedia is the leading global provider of business management solutions designed to meet the dynamic and diverse needs of broadcasters; media companies; and multichannel video providers including satellite, cable, and OTT. SintecMedia offers the industry's broadest and most comprehensive family of business management software, backed by a highly experienced development and implementation team representing every media segment. Currently, the company's solutions are in use by more than 60 blue-chip media companies around the world to manage billions of dollars in advertising revenue and programming that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers. With the recent acquisition of Pilat Media, SintecMedia combines both companies' technologies to offer complete solutions for managing critical functions such as traffic, sales, programming, rights, and digital media.

SintecMedia has a staff of over 700 employees with offices in New York, Denver, London, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem and is backed by the private equity firm Riverwood Capital ( For additional information, please visit

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