Mediatec uses Calibre UK LEDView530 scalers at FIA World Endurance Championships

Mediatec Solutions UK boasts the largest inventory of mobile LED units in Europe. It supplies LED screens ranging in sizes from 15sqm to 88sqm, consisting of both mobile and modular configurations.

“Most recently, Mediatec used the Calibre UK LEDView530 scaler to process graphics and live images from the audio races across three LED screens at the FIA World Endurance Championships at Silverstone Racetrack, UK. Positioned in front of audiences, the LED screens were situated above the Pit Lane building, directly above the Pits Area,” said Mike Bone, Managing Director at Mediatec Solutions UK.

Other notable events that have used Calibre LEDView scalers include The Royal Wedding, 81st International Geneva Motor Show, Paris Motor Show, Glamorgan County Cricket Club, Leicester Tigers, Event Production Awards, Royal Ascot Races, Formula One events and many more prestigious UK–based events.

“The Calibre LEDView530 is used across all our UK projects as they are the best scalers in the business,” added Bone.

Pauline Brooksbank, Managing Director at Calibre UK said: “We’re proud to work with Mediatec, they are often using our equipment in new and challenging environments which is exactly what we designed the LEDView530 for.”

The robust Calibre LEDView530 live events scaler offers flexible video I/O, per channel color calibration and live capture of test patterns and backdrop images. The LEDView530 supports screens from 128x196 to 1920x1200 pixels per unit, with innovative and powerful pixel-accurate output window per-edge-based sizing.