die paten purchases Pablo Rio and completes Daimler corporate film in record time

Berlin-based production and post production facility, die paten, has purchased a Quantel Pablo Rio color and finishing system - and immediately put it to work to complete a short deadline, high quality HD corporate image film for automotive giant, Daimler AG - 'It's because of you'.

Pablo Rio is Quantel's high quality color and finishing system that provides the ultimate productive workflow for 2D and S3D projects. Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware and exploits NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology to deliver true interactivity and maximum productivity. Pablo Rio is available as software only and as a range of Quantel-backed turnkey systems.

"The general trend in post production is that customers want their finished work in less and less time," said die paten CEO, Kay Lottermoser. "At the same time they demand higher image quality and more creative results. The times when you viewed the footage, made a shot list, edited it and then produced graphics, text and animations before applying color correction then finishing and mastering are gone forever. The future of post production is everything in one box; with our Pablo Rio, that is just what we have to offer.

"That's why Pablo Rio enabled us to turn around this fantastic project for Daimler in record time. With Pablo Rio we were able very quickly to color correct, apply DVE for resizing etc, stabilize a picture, track or insert a CG animation - all without ever having to resort to another system. Pablo Rio's philosophy is to provide full access to all functions with the absolute minimum number of operating steps; everything you need is there at your fingertips just when you need it," Lottermoser continued.

The film was shot in Germany, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and Namibia with Sony F55 cameras. Throughout post production, die paten took advantage of Quantel's soft mount capability to enable work to begin the moment the SSD drives arrived back in Berlin. "Everything happens in realtime with Pablo Rio - the pictures never stutter, but always run smoothly, even if they are only controlled via USB3. I have never seen such good performance on any other system - only Quantel can do that!" reports Lottermoser. "It's also a known fact that other systems have problems decoding XAVC - not so Quantel."

"die paten is known for the high quality of the work it produces, and this latest job for Daimler is another great example of their creativity," said Quantel Sales Director, Martin Mulligan. "Pablo Rio has become the benchmark where quality and speed are essential, and it's great to see users such as die paten taking full advantage of Pablo Rio's complete color and finishing capabilities."