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Albis Technologies ANGA COM 2014 EXHIBITOR PREVIEW

At ANGA COM 2014, Albis Technologies will demonstrate its comprehensive range of HD IPTV set-top boxes (STBs) designed to support a variety of traditional (e.g., IPTV, broadcast television, and VOD) and value-added services (e.g., OTT, interactive content, and media sharing), while maintaining a superior performance and user experience. Utilizing Albis Technologies' SceneGate(TM) STBs, service providers can deliver a game-changing television experience to subscribers to boost their revenue streams.

Albis Technologies' STBs will also be shown by several middleware application and solution partners, including Motama, Nordija, and Zappware.

Key Products and Technology Demos

SceneGate(TM) Micro

At ANGA COM 2014, Albis Technologies will showcase its SceneGate(TM) Micro, an entry-level STB that delivers video content in crystal-clear 1080p HD display quality -- all through a compact footprint that is cost-effective.

Albis Technologies will demonstrate its SceneGate Micro STB with Beenius' Beesmart middleware application, which provides service providers with the flexibility and scalability to deliver IPTV and OTT services. An integrated solution based on the SceneGate SDK and NetTV Plus will also be demonstrated. The complete and fully scalable OTT platform supports multiscreen live TV, VOD, and catch-up TV (for up to seven days), offering service providers a flexible and rapidly deployable solution with an easy-to-use UI, running on an exclusively developed global CDN. It is currently used to serve the former Yugoslavian population with unique ethnic content. During the technology showcase, attendees can see how a combined SceneGate Micro STB and NetTV Plus solution enables television viewing, radio listening, real-time news updates, and more, for the ultimate entertainment experience.

The SceneGate Micro supports a wide range of applications via a personalized user interface. It is based on an open software-based architecture that can easily be integrated with today's popular OTT services. DLNA-based media sharing is available, enabling in-home streaming and multiroom environments. The SceneGate Micro features a flexible SDK that supports open APIs for integration with native- or browser-based middleware clients and applications. Through open API technology and a unified media framework, it enables seamless integration with IPTV and OTT services. Accessories -- such as wireless dongles, keyboards, and storage devices -- can be connected to the STB to improve the end user experience. Sophisticated security features guarantee the protection of a service provider's valuable assets.

SceneGate(TM) Micro II

Albis Technologies will also demonstrate the SceneGate(TM) Micro II, an innovative HD IPTV STB capable of delivering linear TV, VOD, OTT, and PVR services from a compact design. New improvements to the platform include additional memory, processing power, and a dedicated graphics GPU designed to enhance the user experience by supporting feature-rich applications. The SceneGate Micro II delivers HD resolution up to 1080p via an HDMI(R) 1.4a interface, and is 3D TV ready, enabling cable, telco, and Internet service providers to deliver a more exclusive service offering.

In addition to supporting sophisticated applications and customizable user interfaces, the SceneGate Micro II allows end users to connect accessories easily, such as wireless dongles, keyboards, and storage devices to the STB to achieve a more connected multimedia experience. Like all of Albis Technologies' platforms, the SceneGate Micro II can be customized to fit a service provider's exact needs.

SceneGate(TM) 9000

Another key highlight at ANGA COM 2014 will be Albis Technologies' SceneGate(TM) 9000 HD DVB/IPTV STB, which supports on-demand, linear TV, and OTT services. Featuring a powerful chipset, the SceneGate 9000 offers the richest feature set, including integrated SD memory, SD support, and an HDD slot, increasing service providers' revenue streams by providing them with the flexibility to add advanced IPTV services like time-shifted TV and local PVR in the field. The future-proof solution also supports HD picture-in-picture (PiP), is 3D TV ready, and incorporates a graphics GPU supporting OpenGL(R) ES 2.0 and WebGL(TM) for an exhilarating television experience.

A combined technology showcase will feature the SceneGate 9000 acting as a central living room device and the SceneGate Micro II as a wirelessly connected second room device to demonstrate in-home media sharing concepts and capabilities using Albis Technologies' SceneGate SDK and third-party Android(TM) or iOS DLNA apps.

Company Overview:

About Albis Technologies (

From digital set-top boxes to business access products, Albis Technologies delivers innovative and tailored solutions. Customers, partners, and end-users benefit from Albis Technologies' expert knowledge, quality products, and reliable cooperation. With global coverage, covering both business and consumer solutions, Albis Technologies' has demonstrated a proven track record of experience and competence. Albis Technologies is headquartered in Switzerland.

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