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Photon Beard Introduces Platinum Blonde at NAB 2014

NAB 2014, Las Vegas, Booth C7849, 2014 – Photon Beard, the UK lighting solutions specialists for broadcast, film and video will officially launch “Platinum Blonde,” the company’s first HMI-focusable floodlight, at NAB 2014.

Platinum Blonde is a highly energy-efficient 1200W HMI linear lamp, provided in an open face format that is ideal for any application where raw output is required.

Whether used as a bounce light or for punching through diffusion to create a soft, yet powerful daylight source, Platinum Blonde is highly ideally suited to a broad range of television, film or photographic applications. Because it only draws 1200W, Platinum Blonde can easily be powered from any domestic supply, which means no special ancillary power provisions are required. It can also be used as a generator supply for mobile applications, which further increases its versatility.

Photon Beard Managing Director Peter Daffarn, “After several years of development, Platinum Blonde is making its formal debut in North America at NAB 2014. Our products are individually researched, tested and built to the highest standards, which means we take the time and trouble to ensure that each fixture is right for the jobs for which it is designed.

“The Platinum Blonde is no exception. In addition to its remarkable flexibility as lighting source, it can be powered from any domestic supply, which makes it highly economic to run. It’s basically a way to plug in anywhere and get precisely the highly quality light you require for your application, wherever and whenever you need it.”

NAB is also the setting for the world debut of the PhotonBeam 80 LED Floodlight. Using housing from Photon Beard’s established Redhead lighting fixture, the company has adapted the remote phosphor technology to enable the PhotonBeam 80 LED Floodlight to provide near full spectrum, high CRI lighting from an LED source. Available in daylight 5600K color temperature, the PhotonBeam 80 LED is an ideal partner for Photon Beard’s Square One fluorescent panel for use in any location that requires high quality, low power lighting. Power can be supplied from 90-260V AC mains or via standard camera batteries using V or Gold mount 11-17VDC.

In addition to the new Platinum Blonde and PhotonBeam 80 LED, a select range of popular products such as the award-winning Square One panel and DMX-controlled fluorescent lighting can be seen on NAB Booth C7849. Further information is available at