Appear TV Debuts Dense Multiscreen/OTT Encoder Module at the 2014 NAB Show

Las Vegas, April 7Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation headends for broadcast and IP television, will debut the latest addition to its modular system, the Dense Multiscreen/OTT Encoder Module, at the 2014 NAB Show (Booth SU6110).Designed for Multiscreen and OTT applications where SDI or HD/SDI baseband inputs are required, such as primary distribution, the module reduces the need to re-transcode in the broadcast chain for all screen delivery. 

“Multiscreen and OTT have created new ways for audiences to view content, but at the same time, they pose new challenges for broadcasters and content providers,” explains Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “One of the biggest issues is content rights protection, particularly when major networks or providers are sending out assets with DRM/CAS embedded that then need to be transcoded by the specific carrier or O&O. The Dense Multiscreen/OTT Encoder Module allows carriers or O&Os to compress the baseband HD/SDI feeds directly from major providers or from its own studio feeds to profiles, format and resolutions suitable for all screen delivery. This ensures that content is protected to the device, whilst providing greater control and flexibility of assets onward for re-distribution and even removing the need for further video processing and transcoding in the distribution chain.”

The Dense Multiscreen/OTT Encoder Module is a part of Appear TV’s modular concept, which allows users to select from the different modules (Demodulators, Decoding, Descramblers, Transcoders, Encoders, Modulators and Multiple I/O interfaces, etc.) covering the various distribution formats and processes to create a solution custom-tailored to their needs. When adding the Multiscreen/OTT Encoder Module to a configuration using the XC5000 series 4RU frame, users will have the capability to create up to 64 HD, or 192 SD or more than 400 sub-SD profiles.

About Appear TV

Appear TV is based in Oslo, Norway. The company produces world-class equipment that enables operators to deliver professional broadcast services to millions of users around the globe. The company is dedicated to developing reliable, revenue-generating and innovative solutions for operators looking to deliver real-time content to the home. Appear TV headends are designed for modularity, high density, and flexibility.