Barnfind Heads To 2014 NAB Show With Expanded Multi-functional, Signal Neutral Transport Platform

Sandefjord, Norway — Barnfind Technologies, manufacturer of a revolutionary multi-functional, signal neutral transport platform, will be launching several new key products at this year’s NAB Show in Booth N1307. According to Barnfind CEO Wiggo Evensen, who made the announcement from the company’s headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway, Barnfind will offer broadcasters a blend of new product introductions, such as the BarnMini for point-to-point digital extension, its new ASI to IP converter cardandoptical housing, as well as upgrades to existing products including a significantly enhanced version of BarnStudio, plus additional control choices through the company’s established partnerships with several control panel companies, and demonstrating established products such as the company’s flagship BarnOne (1RU) signal transport system. Demos of latency and jitter free 4K transmission will also be held at the Booth.

“We look to important industry shows such as NAB to reach professionals in the broadcast market and demonstrate to them not only our full range of flexible, scalable products, but also how these products easily cross into vertical markets and are great solutions for AV-related applications in Digital Signage, Telemedicine/Healthcare, Education, Government, Entertainment venues and Sports Arenas as well,” said Evensen. “Ultimately, it’s about having the opportunity to show the industry through one-on-one meetings and product demonstrations how our products are ideally suited for any application that benefits from maximizing functionality while minimizing space requirements.“

Product launch: New BarnMini-01 and 02

2014 NAB Show attendees will see one of the first live trade show demonstrations of Barnfind’s new range of BarnMini solutions that deliver simple and reliable point-to-point digital extension. The BarnMini-01 provides 2 x BNC RX7TX and 1 x SFP (MSA standard or 3rd party SFP), while the BarnMini-02 comes with 2 x SFP and is optimal for converting multimode to single mode fiber, and single mode to multimode fiber in addition to handling any other application.

Product launch: ASI to IP converter card

Barnfind’s newest card bridges the traditional video world with IP. The module converts 4 x ASI signals into 1 x IP stream and will be available in the BarnOne BTF1-09 Special frame.

Demos of latency and jitter free4K transmission

Barnfind, in cooperation with business partner Village Island, will feature transmission tests for 4K 60p 10bits4:2:2 base band signal over a single fiber using a single-frame Barnfind multi-format media converter on either side of the optical link. Village Island’s VillageSTUDIO 4K play-out system will generate high-quality 4K content. The signals, muxed through Barnfind’s CWDM, will be sent from one monitor to another with no latency or jitter.

Product launch: New control interfaces

Barnfind’s recently established partnerships with several control panel companies and network management systems offer additional control choices. New integration options include Skyline

(Dataminer), LSB control panel and management system, and BFE control panel and management system. Barnfind can now talk to most network management systems in the world via SWP-08 protocol. Customers also realize economical benefits from the ability to use legacy control panels.

BarnStudio is now available

A significantly enhanced version of BarnStudio, Barnfind’s own control software, will also be at this year’s NAB and ready to download. BarnStudio supplies a quick and easy control setting, an overview of the input and output ports, re-clocking configurations, alarms, full matrix control, cable compensation on the input side, and auto SFP detection.

Product launch: New optical housing

A new range of optical housing for CWDM, DWDM and optical splitters and optical change overs will be on display.

BarnOne – Flagship Product
Barnfind’s flagship product, BarnOne, provides up to 32 ports with either 32 x SFPs from various manufacturers offering different capabilities, or a mix with 8 or 16 BNC’s, or CWDM/DWDM multiplexing, or 3rd party cards. The unit features a built in electrical and/or optical router with bi-directional BNCs and SFPs and reclocking on all outputs. A flexible configuration of CWDM (8/16), DWDM (up to 88 channels) and a comprehensive functionality suite include standard SDI conversion, routing, multiplexing, embedding, add/drop, crossover, distribution, IP to ASI/ASI to IP conversion, HDMI, STM-1 Telco, KVM transport, 4K 60p workflows, MADI, and AES. All SPF+ cages are 10Gbit ready.

BarnOne offers the end-user the unique ability to use any kind of SFP or SMART SFP, opening up a whole new set of options and advantages. Custom designed SFP solutions can also be integrated into the total solution.

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About Barnfind Technologies AS

Barnfind Technologies, headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway, manufactures a multi-function, low power consumption platform that supports numerous signals in one frame.

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