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Studio Technologies Debuts Model 412 Fiber Transport System and IFB Plus Series Model 2A Central Controller at CCW Expo 2013

Studio Technologies, the manufacturer of high-quality video, audio and fiber optic products for the professional audio and broadcast industries, will debut the new Model 412 Fiber Transport System and the IFB Plus Series Model 2A Central Controller at CCW Expo 2013 (Booth 1251). The Model 412 Fiber Transport System is a high-performance portable or rack-mounted solution for transporting multiple digital video signals and Ethernet over single-mode optical fiber. The Model 2A Central Controller features improved audio quality, enhanced signal handling capabilities and uses less energy than its Model 2 predecessor.

“At Studio Technologies, we are constantly gathering industry feedback regarding how contemporary systems and production teams actually work so that we can design devices that solve real problems and streamline workflow,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Our new Model 412 Fiber Transport System is a highly-capable device, delivering SDI video, MADI audio, and Ethernet transport over single-mode fiber for simple set up and reliable performance. The Model 2A Central Controller, part of the IFB Plus Series, is a further example of listening to the industry, as we upgraded the popular Model 2 to have more features and better audio quality in an energy efficient package. We believe the industry attendees at the CCW Expo 2013 will be enthusiastic about both products.”

The Model 412 Fiber Transport System is compatible with all common broadcast serial digital video (SDI) formats as well as MADI multi-channel digital audio. It can transport up to six format-independent SD-/HD-/3G-SDI or MADI signal paths multiplexed in two groups of three signals. The Model 412 also provides gigabit Ethernet-over-fiber transport capability along with a four port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch. Model 412 units are ideal for use in remote trucks, live-event video/data distribution and fixed links associated with broadcast and production facilities. Three Model 412 versions are available, offering a range of SDI/MADI input and output configurations. Each uses four strands of single-mode optical fiber to support an interconnect distance in excess of 6 miles (10 km). The combination of SDI/MADI and Ethernet transport capabilities, along with extensive user support features in a lightweight, compact form factor make the Model 412 a highly unique product. The compact “half-rack” 2RU enclosure weighs less than three pounds (1.4 kg) and is powered by 10-18 volts DC.

The next evolution of its IFB Plus Series, the Model 2A Central Controller, is a 1RU unit that builds on the foundation of the original Model 2 by offering upgraded features and innovative improvements that make the new model perform better, serve more reliably and use less energy than the original. An added microcontroller integrated circuit results in smoother audio control, more accurate level metering and adds additional operating features. The Model 2A’s updated talent amplifier output allows more IFB listen-only talent amplifiers to be connected. In addition, party-line (PL) user “beltpack” devices can now be directly connected and serve as a small, PL intercom system. Perfect for use in mobile applications, such as ENG trucks and OB vans, the design of the Model 2A is more compact and lighter in weight than the original. With identical connectors and user controls, the new unit offers an easy upgrade path for existing IFB Plus Series users. The Model 2A remains compatible with the IFB Plus Series of product offerings, including the popular Model 32A Talent Amplifier, Model 22 Access Station, and related accessories.

About Studio Technologies, Inc.

Studio Technologies, Inc. provides tailored, high-performance video, audio and fiber optic products for the professional audio and broadcast markets. The company was founded in 1978 with a commitment to design and manufacture dependable, individualized solutions for broadcast studio, stadium and corporate environments. Known for “designing for the way professionals work,” the company is recognized as an industry leader that has never wavered from its individualized design pledge. Product categories include fiber-optic transport, broadcast support, mobile broadcast, intercom and IFB, announcer consoles, and loudspeaker monitor control systems. For more information, please visit the Studio Technologies website at call 847.676.9177.