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Primestream Products on Display at MTE 2013:

NEW FORK 4.5 Production Suite

Primestream(R) will show FORK(TM) 4.5, the latest version of its acclaimed FORK Production Suite for managing the automation of the most complex broadcast workflows. With new modules, functionality, and integration with the leading broadcast hardware and software vendors, FORK 4.5 is the most extensible, configurable, and powerful version of FORK ever released. In FORK 4.5, Primestream introduces FORK Workflow Manager 1.0, a new FORK module that makes workflows visible and enables users to conceptualize and control their production workflows in an entirely new way. FORK 4.5 also features workflow integrations with the most popular craft editors, including Adobe(R) Premiere Pro(R), Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(R), and Avid(R) Media Composer(R). FORK continues its focus on the entire workflow from acquisition through archive. FORK 4.5 also supports third-party broadcast and workflow solutions with such industry leaders as Harmonic(R), Quantum(R), Cisco(R), and others.

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Photo Caption: FORK(TM) 4.5 Workflow Manager

FORK Xchange Suite 2.5

Primestream(R) will exhibit version 2.5 of FORK(TM) Xchange(TM) Suite, an application that gives broadcasters instant cloud access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows(R), Mac(R), or tablet device. An add-on to Primestreams highly acclaimed FORK software platform for managing and automating broadcast workflows, FORK Xchange Suite 2.5 introduces the Xchange Shot List Editor add-on module, which gives editors a fast and nimble way to edit content living inside the FORK environment via a proxy with Xchange for Web and iOS. To protect and secure the assets from unwanted intervention, powerful security enhancements such as token-based authentication, a dedicated API for streaming URLs, time-limited temporary URLs, hash-encrypted URLs, and session-based crosschecking have been added to Xchange 2.5.

Also being shown is Xchange for iPad(R) 1.0, a professional, native iOS application that allows producers and editors to browse, edit metadata, and create annotations on content while disconnected from the production environment.

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Photo Caption: Xchange(TM) 2.5 With iOS Compatibility

DIG-IT 1.0

DIG-IT(TM) 1.0 is a server-based software application that helps broadcasters, government, entertainment, and corporate IT departments monitor their broadcast IT operations. The application can monitor individual servers in addition to the FORK(TM) production environment, making it easier for IT administrators to manage broadcast-related IT activity. Facilities can monitor mission-critical servers and applications, quickly identify performance bottlenecks, prevent and recover from system failures, and reduce downtime and operational costs.

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Photo Caption: DIG-IT(TM) 1.0 With iPad(R)

FORK Logger 1.0

FORK(TM) Logger 1.0 is a module for describing content inside FORK Production Suites software platform for media asset management (MAM) and workflow automation. The module is a powerful metadata-tagging tool designed from the ground up for logging live or pre-recorded video. The tightly integrated and configurable user interface enables content loggers to tag video quickly with defined metadata, making content searchable, ready to be filtered, and organized for viewing in FORKs Content Navigator(TM) MAM -- or for working with in a FORK project or rundown.

The heart of FORK Logger is a dynamic GUI containing form templates, button panels, video viewers, marker thumbnail lists, and a bin list of created events, all elements that can be designed based on content requirements.

FORK Logger increases the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of logging media, while maximizing the value of content owners video archives. The modules flexibility enables workflows for live broadcasting, archiving, player scouting, and video coaching -- all on a single unified platform.

FORK Logger supports multiple layouts per production server and is available for both Windows(R) and Mac(R) OS.

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Photo Caption: Fork(TM) Logger v1.0 With Logging Templates

Company Quote:

"As broadcasters and video producers move entirely into a file-based workflow, operations require powerful digital media solutions to ingest, manage, and distribute content. By bringing together media professionals from a range of industries, MTE is the ideal place for us to demonstrate the power and sophistication of our FORK automation and media asset management software platform for I/O, logging, tagging, editing, workflow management, archiving, playout, and more."

-- Namdev Lisman, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Primestream

Company Overview:

Primestream(R), a leader in advanced media asset management and broadcast automation software, offers a seamless end-to-end platform for digital acquisition of live and file-based video content, media asset management, editing, logging, control room and master control playback, smartphone and tablet video contribution, publishing to the Web, and dynamic archiving. The companys portfolio includes the FORK(TM) suite of applications, as well as Mobile2Air(R), ControlStation(TM), DIG-IT(TM), and Xchange(TM) Suite. Deployed in more than 300 broadcast operations across 40 countries, Primestreams proven solutions are implemented by some of the worlds leading broadcasters, uplink service providers, digital media operations, and production/postproduction facilities. More information is available at