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Thomson Video Networks Delivers Highly Reliable DVB-T2 Offering With NetProcessor T2 Gateway and Amethyst Redundancy Switch

RENNES, France -- Sept. 2, 2013 -- Thomson Video Networks today announced the availability of an advanced technology offering for DVB-T2 environments, combining the company's widely deployed NetProcessor T2 gateway and Amethyst redundancy switch. The NetProcessor T2 gateway is a versatile and powerful solution for cost-effective generation of DVB-T2 streams, and the Amethyst smart switch enables seamless switching between two T2-MI streams. Working together as a complete solution for terrestrial television, the two products not only enable national network head-ends to generate a fully compliant DVB-T2 stream, but also allow local head-ends to receive and manipulate incoming streams for regionalization.

"Previously, the task of creating or manipulating a DVB multiplex and adapting it to DVB-T2 required the operator to manage multiple devices. By combining key DVB-T2 functions in a single device, Thomson Video Networks is providing a highly efficient means of providing redundancy and reducing costs in terrestrial head-end architectures," said Eric Gallier, VP marketing at Thomson Video Networks. "Our field-proven NetProcessor T2 gateway solution is on the air with all major transmitters, and more than 200 units have been deployed worldwide -- giving operators the peace of mind they need for seamless and reliable terrestrial operations."

Thomson Video Networks' NetProcessor acts as a pure DVB-T2 gateway, capable of generating up to four simultaneous and independent multi-PLP T2-MI streams. In addition, it can act as a reverse gateway to receive and apply re-multiplexing and scrambling capabilities to (T2-MI)-1 streams. The Amethyst solution can perform seamless switching between T2-MI streams from two NetProcessor T2 gateways for clean device redundancy. One Amethyst device can integrate up to four independent switches.

The NetProcessor T2 gateway requires only a software license, and no additional hardware beyond the Amethyst, to provide redundancy. The solution is currently shipping.

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