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Albis Technologies IBC2012 Product Preview

Albis Technologies IBC2012 Product Preview 

Albis Technologies

Albisriederstrasse 199 

CH-8047 Zurich



Albis Technologies -- Stand 14.542 

At IBC2012, Albis Technologies will exhibit its comprehensive range of HD IPTV set-top boxes (STB), including the new SceneGate(TM) Micro II, a cutting-edge STB that features enhanced graphical capabilities and supports OpenGL-based user interfaces.

Connected World Presentation

At IBC2012, Albis Technologies' senior leadership team will deliver a unique presentation on STB technology advancements. During the demonstration at the Albis Technologies booth, visitors will learn why deploying an STB with powerful software capabilities can lead to reduced churn and increased customer satisfaction. The presentation will explain how open APIs enable a more differentiated service offering, as well as discussing a growing trend toward addressing today's eco-requirements with energy-efficient platforms.

NEW Release at IBC2012: 

SceneGate(TM) Micro II Technology Demo

At IBC2012, Albis Technologies will demonstrate its new SceneGate(TM) Micro II, an innovative HD IPTV STB capable of delivering linear TV, VoD, OTT, and PVR services -- all from a powerful, compact design that guarantees a high-quality experience for end users. The enhanced SceneGate Micro II delivers HD resolution up to 1080p via an HDMI(R) 1.4a interface, and is 3D TV ready, enabling service providers to deliver a more exclusive service offering.

The SceneGate Micro II features a flexible SDK that supports open APIs for integration with native- or browser-based middleware clients and applications. Using Albis Technologies' open API technology, the OpenGL-based platform leverages a unified media framework to enable seamless integration with IPTV and OTT channels. Advanced system-on-chip technology provides enhanced processing power and memory, allowing service providers to offer sophisticated applications and customizable user interfaces. End users can easily connect accessories -- wireless dongles, keyboards, and storage devices -- to the STB to achieve a more connected multimedia experience. 

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Caption: SceneGate(TM) Micro II

Current Product Portfolio 

Based on a powerful foundation, Albis Technologies' SceneGate(TM) STB portfolio offers the latest interfaces, HD decoding, and display quality up to 1080p with 60 Hz via HDMI(R) 1.3. Users benefit from high definition content services like VoD and linear IPTV. Harnessing the platform's optimal processing engine and memory capabilities, service providers can deliver a wide range of applications via a customized user interface. In addition, the open software-based architecture can be integrated easily with today's popular OTT services. In-home streaming and multiroom environments can be enabled thanks to DLNA-based media sharing. 

SceneGate(TM) 8100 

The SceneGate(TM) 8100 hybrid DVB/IPTV STB is the ideal platform for service providers looking to deliver in parallel high-quality DVB and IPTV content. This STB offers an exceptional HD decoding and picture quality, enabling consumers to enjoy feature-rich video services. A 12-digit VFD display further enhances the user experience, while a Smart Card and eSATA interface can be added to enable premium content and recordings, respectively.

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Caption: SceneGate(TM) 8100

SceneGate(TM) 8000

The powerful SceneGate(TM) 8000 entry-level IPTV STB offers a high-density platform that cost-effectively delivers high-quality services via multiple interfaces. With its optional external IR extender, this STB can be deployed in concealed environments, offering end users a wide variety of installation options. Smart Card and eSATA interfaces are available, enabling the service provider to bring in new services and add to the end user's quality of experience.

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Caption: SceneGate(TM) 8000

SceneGate(TM) Micro 

The entry-level SceneGate(TM) Micro STB is designed to deliver classic IPTV services from a compact footprint. The cost-effective platform delivers quality video using HDMI(R) as the preferred video interface. Through an optional external IR extender, this STB can be set up in concealed environments, maximizing the number of available installation options. 

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Caption: SceneGate(TM) Micro

Company Overview:

About Albis Technologies (

From digital set-top boxes to business access products, Albis Technologies delivers innovative and tailored solutions. Customers, partners and end-users benefit from Albis Technologies' expert knowledge, quality product and reliable cooperation. With global reach serving over 40 countries, covering both business and consumer solutions, Albis Technologies' has demonstrated a proven track record of experience and competence. Albis Technologies is headquartered in Switzerland and focuses on partnerships and customer satisfaction.