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Pilat Media Releases Standalone Rights Management System for Cloud-Based IBMS Express

LONDON -- June 6, 2013 -- Pilat Media today announced the release of a new rights management solution for IBMS Express, the company's modular and flexible entry-level business management product suite, derived from its award-winning IBMS broadcast management system. Like the complete IBMS Express system, Rights Express is a cloud-based platform that is fast, easy to install, and can be deployed as a stand-alone system.

The new Rights Express enables broadcasters to capture multidimensional rights to support a wide range of delivery platforms and interactive services, with rights assigned by region, platform, channel, device, and language. The module includes tools for contract, EPG, and metadata management to ensure that assets are fully utilized and contractual obligations are always met.

As a cloud-based service, IBMS Express dovetails with a broadcaster's outsourced IT strategy. A "pay as you grow" software-as-a-service pricing model gets stations up and running with minimal upfront investment. IBMS Express is designed to be easily configured and ready for use in a matter of weeks, with Pilat Media's professional services team providing configuration, training, and ongoing maintenance of the live system.

"With its modular and cloud-based approach, IBMS Express is designed to provide a compact and powerful solution that enables media enterprises -- from smaller specialty networks to broadcast stations to pay-TV platform operators -- to remain competitive in today's multiplatform environment," said Fabrice Beer-Gabel, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Pilat Media. "With the different IBMS Express modules, these companies can take a phased approach to business management that will enable them to stay efficient and generate revenues while dealing with increased workloads, more services, and a growing number of channels."

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About Pilat Media

Pilat Media Global plc (AIM: PGB) develops, markets, and supports business management software solutions for content and service providers in the media industry. Designed with the direct involvement of top-tier broadcasters, Pilat Media's systems improve business performance; accelerate time to market; and enable diversification and growth of content programming, advertising sales, traffic, and media operations for multiplatform linear and on-demand services. More than 60 blue-chip media companies around the world use Pilat Media solutions, including CBS, Bell Media, Discovery, BBC, SABC, Chellomedia, Showtime, Sky Italia, AT&T, Globosat, and FOXTEL. These and other deployments represent the management of billions of dollars in advertising revenue and programming that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers. Through its new subsidiary, OTTilus, Pilat Media also offers an end-to-end enterprise class OTT service platform that seamlessly integrates with broadcast operations. More information is available at