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Don’t Blindly Search For Footage, Tag It With FCP and Moviola

Editors can lose endless amounts of hours to searching for the perfect clip, speed up the process by using tagging and a free webinar from Moviola.

One of the fastest ways to slow down a workflow is to have to search for individual clips and pieces of footage manually inside your project. But there is a better way, and Moviola is here to teach it to you. Moviola will be hosting a free live webinar, airing 1t 11:30 AM PDT on June 4th to help editors maximize their efficiency in FCP X. The webinar will help editors make the most of keywording and tagging functions in FCP X by creating meaningful strategies that will keep all of the post-production team on the same page, while making it easier for everyone to find the footage they need when they need it. While the webinar will focus on using FCP X the tactics and techniques described will apply to all editors, regardless of NLE system. Viewers will walk away with an increased standing of how to properly tag your footage based on workflow and the type of project.

Presenter Bill Davis started his career in radio as an on-air announcer. Over time, he migrated into writing and doing voiceover work for local television in his native Phoenix. He has personally produced, written, shot and edited more than 400 corporate videos ranging from broadcast commercials to long-form corporate training programs for companies such as PetSmart, Leslie's Pool Supplies and BMW/Oracle. An early adopter of Final Cut Pro in 1999 he spent a decade writing and lecturing on video production topics as a Contributing Editor at a national video magazine. He transitioned his editing practice from FCP Legacy to FCP-X days after it's introduction, and today can't imagine going back to editing without an integrated database.

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